Exposure Information for Specific Coordinates

This page allows you to enter a location and see herbicide spray missions that came within 5km of the location, get exposure opportunity scores for the location, see the location on a contemporary map of Vietnam and a computer-generated movie displaying spraying over the location.

Enter a location below to see its spray history



Military UTM:

Note: Latitude and longitude coordinates must be in decimal format and have at least two decimal places, e.g. "11.29, 106.35". UTM coordinates should consist of two letters followed by six numbers, e.g. "XS170831".

If you don't know the specific coordinates of a location, these pages may be of help:

You can also visit online map sites for location coordinates:
  • Many locations can be found on the USGS EarthExplorer site or Google Earth
  • Be aware that many places in Vietnam were renamed in 1975 - a place you recall may no longer "exist".