GIS Data Layers

This website utilizes a specialized geographic information system (GIS) that was developed for herbicides and the Vietnam War. The GIS allows the user to easily link wartime data on spray missions with data on troop locations, civilian habitations, and other relevant information and to instantly calculate proximity to spray and exposure opportunity scores. We have drawn data from a wide array of paper and electronic sources, which we subjected to extensive quality control. Each kind of data is called a "data layer." Layers with location data are linked to contemporary Google® maps of Vietnam.

Records from the HERBS File

An updated and corrected version of the Department of Defense electronic file on military herbicide spray missions.

Miitary Locations from the CPLIST

A searchable list of 11,068 known named locations and dates, with links to associated exposure opportunity scores.

Land Transfer Agreements

Documents concerning the transfer of land and structures from the U.S. Army Vietnam (USARV) to the Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces (RVNAF).

Order of Battle

An electronic index of military units deployed to Vietnam, with links to known locations and associated exposure opportunity scores.

Civilian Habitations from HAMLA/HES

A searchable listing of 2000 distinct villages and 9270 distinct hamlets in the former Republic of Vietnam. Locations are linked to exposure opportunity scores.

South Vietnam Soil Types

A digitized and searchable version of the 1961 map of soil types by region, developed by the UN-FAO.